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There are 2 famous quotes that helps keeps me on my feet with my client's and my own Social Media & Digital Marketing Success.

The first quote, by Tom Fishburne: "The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing".

The second quote, by Ralf Speth: "If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design", similarly to marketing.

Let me help you and your business optimize your digital marketing Return on Investment (ROI). I explain the how the "World of Marketing" has evolved in our video below. Enjoy.

Our Top 3 Focus in Digital Marketing

Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn, YouTube & SEO Marketing are Core Digital Marketing Pillars for Brands & Small Business Today.

How I can help marketing teams and small business owners.

From Digital Marketing Training, Brand's Social Media & Digital Strategy, Adoption & Implementation.
  • Research and Explore the Social Media Platform to Focus on (i.e. Instagram vs LinkedIn vs YouTube Social Media Platforms)
  • Provide Content Marketing Strategy for Brand Awareness & Positioning
  • Brainstorm Lead Generation Strategies & Digital Marketing Campaigns to increase quality of Sales Leads for Sales Pipelines
  • Integrate Digital Marketing Strategies to Maximize Digital Marketing Return on Investment (ROI), i.e. pop-up offers such as video training or ebook case study on client's website for Lead Generation purposes

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Charmaine Lee, Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant in Singapore

Integrated Digital & SEO Internet Marketing

2-day Integrated Digital Marketing & SEO Marketing Workshop on Tools and Industry Tips to greater visibility online!

Content Marketing Strategy Online & Social Media Marketing

Whether Online or on Social Media, Brands and Businesses need a Content Marketing Strategy with gated and non-gated content to generate email leads for their sales pipeline!

Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are directing Social Media Ad traffic to their websites and wonder why do they not get customers and sales!

Here's why, explained in the video:

Integrated Email Marketing Strategy

Here's why email marketing is important for every business!

My Training Expertise

I've started conducting training and developing course curriculums since 2015, and have since expanded from 3 courses in 2015 to the 9 different courses I conduct on a regular basis.

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Be a Digital Marketer in a month!

I'm launching a personal coaching program via skype in July 2020, and I would like to help 4 individuals who would like to be better marketers, or would like to be in the digital marketing industry with 4 key steps.

Step 1

Introduction to Integrated Digital Marketing with A.I.D.A and Sales Funnels, 1.5 days

Step 2

Content Marketing Strategy on Social Media & Digital Marketing, 2 days

Step 3

Apply Content Marketing to Social Media & Email Marketing, 2 days

Step 4

Start Making Money as a Digital Marketer providing an Integrated Digital Marketing Service in Facebook, Instagram, and Email Marketing Strategy and Campaigns for your clients.

Get in Touch with Charmaine

Based in Singapore, Charmaine has conducted trainings in Indonesia, Philippines, and Mauritius, many more to add to the list in 2020!


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Let's Grow Together

Charmaine would like to work with Schools, Non-Profits, Education Partners & Corporates in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and help small business with their Digital Transformation.